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SUGA : Latest News, Photos and Videos

You can see the two shots of SUGA (BTS) posted on SNS by singers Sung Si Kyung and PSY. ..
● Sung Si Kyung, who also collaborated with SUGA on PSY's new album, commented, "Why don't you take pictures with me?" ..

SUGA (BTS) and PSY co-produced the PSY's title song "That That". Will be released on the 29th. .. ..

SUGA (BTS) will appear on the large electric bulletin board in Times Square, New York, USA . From March 7th to March 13th. .. ..

SUGA (BTS) donated 100 million won for the wildfire victims today (3/9) on his birthday. .. ..

SUGA (BTS) praised JUNG KOOK on V LIVE's LIVE STREAM became a hot topic.

● He is very good at singing, so there was nothing particularly difficult. When JUNG KOOK recorded ("Stay Alive"), I was in America. He sent me the recorded file and he was very good at it. I was editing while listening until just before handing it over to the mixer. I liked it so much that it was OK at once without re-recording. He is truly talented person.

SUGA (BTS) posted a photo of wearing Hanbok two years ago. Is it related to the Hanbok affair at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics? became a hot topic in Korea. .. ..

Reassure fans through SUGA (BTS) and the fan community. ..
● I'm fine. Don't worry too much! ..

SUGA (BTS) was infected by the new covid-19 virus.