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LOVELYZ : Latest News, Photos and Videos

"LOVELYZ" former member Kei is reported to have signed the exclusive contract with A2Z Entertainment. . .

Ryu Suzy (former LOVELYZ) established an independent label "House of Dreams". . .

Jun Su (Xia) confessed his feelings of being surprised by the news of his love affair with Kei (former LOVELYZ) on hiw Instagram story... Apologies to Kei's fans. .

●There have been articles which I've been confused and frustrated since I've been living with the name of a celebrity, but today's article was ranked as the most confusing article. Dear Kei fans, I'm sorry that you've come across with such a surprising article from this morning. I just wanted to tell my fans not to worry just for today.

Jun Su (Xia) & Kei (former LOVELYZ) denied their love affair. . .

Mi-joo (former LOVELYZ) reveals her super long hair fluttering and walking. Her waist, which is too thin, became a Hot Topic. .. ..

"LOVELYZ" Yane, COVID-19 infected. .. ..

LOVELYZ JIN releases the latest status after the group was disbanded. She is working part-time at her mother's cafeteria.