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LOVELYZ : Latest News, Photos and Videos

former LOVELYZ's Miju, released pictures. 1st Look. .. ..

Former LOVELYZ's Seo Jisoo, singed ExclusIVE Contract with MYSTIC STORY for actress activities.

"LOVELYZ" former member KEI transferred to PALM TREE ISLAND belonging to Jun Su (Xia). .. ..

It is reported that they are discussing an exclusive contract with SUBLIME ARTIST AGENCY, to which "LOVELYZ" Yane, actors Song Kang Ho_, HANI (EXID) and Jackson belong. .. ..

"LOVELYZ" Babysoul changed his real name to Lee Suzy. .. ..

Is it a contract with the antenna belonging to "LOVELYZ" Miju, Yoo Jae Suk and others? .. ..

Some fans of "LOVELYZ"_ whose exclusive contract with woollim entertainment has expired, criticized woollim who finished without releasing the last album even though there was a blank period for more than a year. .. ..